Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3.3 Reflection: Using Web 2.0 Tools

Reflect upon what an activity in your classroom might look like using one or more Web 2.0 tools. Think about:
  • what the experience looks like for students. 
  • types of outcomes students might have. 
  • how the outcome is tied to curriculum objectives. 
  • what Web 2.0 tools are aligned to the outcomes and lead to higher order thinking skills. 
  • kinds of directions or guidelines you will provide in order to ensure success. 
Briefly describes the activity you would create and how you might minimize possible challenges students and the teacher might have to address. Make sure that your activity is aligned to a learning objective and uses verbs from the top three levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.

To Drill or Not to Drill-
Cross-curricular project: ELA, Social Studies (current events), Science, and NETS

Energy consumption, energy independence, and the impact of fossil fuel production and use on the environment and on the economy are important issues in the news. They have also been topics in the campaigns of each candidate in the 2012 presidential election.

The CA Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas states
All forms of electricity generation and transportation fuels have associated economic, social, and environmental costs and benefits, both short and long term. Technological advances and regulatory decisions can change the balance of those costs and benefits.
Students will investigate the issue of expanding the drilling for oil in the United States and North America, specifically on the US east and west coasts and in the Arctic. They will collect and analyze information from multiple sources and then evaluate and weigh the pros and cons/costs and benefits of expanded drilling. They will also evaluate each presidential candidate’s stated position and proposed plan.

Overarching Goals:
Students will conduct research on a topic, analyze the arguments of others, assess and evaluate the credibility and accuracy of sources and develop the ability to make oral and written arguments.

Essential Questions:
  • How might expanded drilling for oil affect our economy? (gas prices and heating costs, jobs in various industries) 
  • How might it affect the environment?
  • How does drilling in a particular area (i.e., near-shore off of a coast, or deep-water) impact that local area? Think about and investigate the impact on local businesses, jobs, tourism, environment, health, and safety.
  • How might it affect other energy industries?
  • What are the short-term impacts and the long-term impacts?
  • What is the position of each presidential candidate? What is each candidate’s plan? Are each candidate’s statements factual?
ELA Standards for 7th or 8th grade:
RL.7.1; RI.7.1,8; W.7.1, 9; SL.7.1, 4; L.7.1-6
RL.8.1; RI.8.1,8; W.8.1, 9; SL.8.1; L8.1-6

Students will collaborate in teams to conduct their research, analyze information and evaluate credibility and accuracy of sources
Content and resources (links, documents, multimedia) for students can be housed in an online interface/tool such as Edmodo or other CMS or in Google Sites.
Students will use Google Docs for written collaboration (synchronous and asynchronous) and Chat, Skype, or Facetime for real-time communication and interaction

Student teams will create two products:
A voicethread presenting their evidence, analysis, and conclusions. Members of each team will review the Voicethreads and add their comments. Teams will take the comments into account and make revisions or additions as needed.

A final presentation using a Web 2.0 tool – Students can select Animoto for video, Prezi, Voicethread or another tool. These products can then be embedded in a Google Site or wiki.

Facilitating Success and Mitigating Challenges:
It would be important to provide students with some organizational structures and time management tools including graphic organizers/flow charts, checklists, and reminders.

Aside from possible technical issues, the challenges would be to keep students engaged, organized and on task, and working effectively within their teams and as individuals. I would incorporate links and embed multimedia such as video clips and I would do frequent progress monitoring.

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